Our business approach is based on four pillars:experience, quality, innovation and awareness. We believe in the value of our experience, we stick to very high standars and quality controls, we are passionate about new technologies and innovation and our commitment is to make our business a sustainable business


Each process in our plant, from its beginning to the assembly of the final product, is planned under a sustainable perspective. Not only regarding the materials we use, but also with the consumption that each process in question infers us. At Básico, we reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our sustainable processes

Our work is based on having an integral process that requires commitment and responsibility in the implementation from the different actors. For this, we have invested in training and technology.In order to achieve these objectives, we work on 6 strategic principles:

  • Institutionalization of internal sustainability policies.
  • Management of environmental and social risks in investment or credit processes.
  • Sustainable investment.
  • Efficient use of resources in internal processes.
  • Monitoring and spreading of the guild's sustainability policies and practices.
  • Scrap treatment and reuse.

We work with raw materials that certify sustainability.

¨Green technology could be the greatest economic opportunity of the 20th century¨

John Doer

We collaborate with the NGO IDEAS FELICES and we start a project